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zombies 2 films mp4 free in Hindi Eden Wildlife Zoo, a zoo that has endangered animals is zombies 2  the day of its internal orientation, where college students are applying for jobs as interns Meanwhile, some zoo monkeys succumb to an unknown disease and are taken to a clinic where veterinarians use intracardiac epinephrine, a prohibited serum So that a monkey’s life can be saved.  The infectious pathogen spreads to all the monkeys in zombies the room, turning them into zombies with a predatory behavior towards humans. They attack the veterinarians and kill two of them, while the remaining one manages to activate the alarm. zombies 2 film mp4 free in Hindi 




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Zombies 2
Written by
David Light
Joseph Raso
Directed by Paul Hoen
Milo Manheim
Meg Donnelly
Country of origin United States
Original language English
Executive producer
Anna Gerb
Paul Hoen
Joseph Raso
Producer(s) Mary Pantelidis
Production location Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Release zombies 2
Original network Disney Channel
Original release February 14, 2020
Preceded by Zombies 2018
External links
Production website


As soon as college students arrive, the alarm reaches the zoo’s security. One of the members of the security team, Johnny, decides to check in on the veterinarians himself. However, when he did not return, the security team, along with the College Student Gauge, make their way to the clinic zombies 2 film mp4



 Once, they discover that Johnny and two veterinarians are dead. The remaining vet, Drs. Gordon is barely alive. The monkeys violently confront the group, killing two of the guards. Gaz, head of the security rex and newly hired Lizzie Hogan manages to escape.

Zoo manager Ellen Rogers took out the devastation and put the zoo on lockdown. The disease spreads throughout the zoo, infecting a group of wild hogs that attack three students. Students like Lizzy, Gage, and Rex are attacked by infected giraffes,

 Out of which two students are killed. They manage to save the remaining student, Amber, but Gaze is injured in the process. As Lizzie and Rex do for Gage’s wounds, Amber steals Rex’s jeep. Lizzy, Gage, and Rex are forced to use a group of non-infected elephants as transport.

A police team arrives to eliminate the threat they are killed by a group of infected lions. Meanwhile, Amber arrives at the front gate

And demands that Ellen, who is watching the security cameras, open it. A gray wolf suddenly attacks him. t with a baseball bat. zombies 2 film mp4 free in Hindi

 Ellen inspects the blood of the koala and discovers that the disease was created by an unknown enzyme found in the cerebral cortex of the koala. She encourages Chelsea to release the birds to no avail, to no avail. Meanwhile, Lizzie, Gage, and zombies 2 film mp4

Rex is injured. One of the workers, Daxton and his trainee A.J. To manages the locked zombies and the group takes refuge inside the Gorilla Lab. Daxton visits the zoo’s endangered Cross River gorilla, Kifo, to check on her being infected. Kifo kills him and attacks the lab. Rex stabs him, but Kifo removes Rex in retaliation.

Lizzie, Gauge, and A.J. Escape and find a jeep with a weak and dead amber driving. Amber dies and the group is attacked by a group of infected lions as they extract her corpse.

 They manage to kill the lions but they accidentally crash the jeep in the process. They then attempt to reach the Watch Tower using an incomplete zipline. AJ He dies in the process. The group reunites with Ellen and Thea they theorize

 That the birds have become infected. They decide to fire using a series of gas cans, but before doing so, Lizzie and Gage go inside to save Chelsea and her apprentice Ricky. However, they soon discover that they have both been killed by infected birds.

And have survived. Ellen reluctantly fires the fire and they make an extra blast using Ellen’s truck, killing the birds. Kifo then appears and leads the group to the gate where Ellen shot her. The four were then rescued by a helicopter. However, after he is rescued, Kifo regains consciousness, revealing that he is still alive. zombies 2 films mp4 free in Hindi online download now







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